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But it all began in June 2013 and diamond stockists in Surat began to worry when they realised that prices of polished goods were declining, falling in the range of 3 to 5 percent.
Or is there hope still?
Studies show that diamond is India's second fastest growing purchase item only after mobile phones but way ahead of packaged holidays, clothing or even motor vehicles.
Out of this, around 85 per cent of the rough diamonds is shipped to Surat for cutting and polishing; and the rest are sent to other centres like Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Rajkot and Navsari, also in Gujarat.
No, he did not run off with the booty, but instead had recently resultats concours paces marseille 2018 delivered a parcel through an angadia firm containing 12,500 carat of polished diamonds at the Surat Diamond Associations (SDA) office.The Indian industry now looks towards the coming holiday season for a change in tide with a fall in rough prices.Not surprisingly, polished diamond demand remained weak during May-June and July.Needless to say, if the current trend continues, a shake-up in the Indian cutting and polishing sector is imminent and some small and medium sized units in the Indian cutting centres may have to close shop.Call it cyclical but challenges never cease to crop up every few years.The rough diamond suppliers did try to do their bit and in a bid to ease the situation came forward with an offer.But this could not match the Weak Rupee, which was at its record low.67 against the dollar.The diamond units found that rough prices have remained high, but polished diamond prices had fallen.

In the August 2013 Sight, the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) the rough diamond distribution arm of De Beers group, reduced the prices of roughs between.5 and 2 per cent in different categories of rough diamond boxes for its sightholders.
And also to develop appropriate response to the challenges faced in cutting and polishing of rough diamonds sector, which been recently affecting the profitability and overall growth and business prospects of the industry.
Should one go into a panic mode now.
In June, the same piece was sold priced at Rs 71,000 in the jewellery stores.One last heard that SDA was looking for a buyer for the 12,500 carat of polished diamonds valued at over Rs 15 crore, belonging to the diamond trader.But during may-June period, prices started falling.So, how would a mere two per cent reduction in rough diamond prices in any way going to help the Indian diamantaires?But, India is a robust growing market and is the world's third largest market for diamond jewellery.