Inner sleeve; initials written on back cover BSK3207 warner bros.
Acta Polytechnica Hungarica (issn Vol.
Inner sleeve AC-30003 ABC.75 grassroots, THE Move Along (VG/VG) hole punch in jacket DSX-50112 dunhill-ABC.50 grassroots, THE Their 16 Greatest Hits (VG/VG) DSX50107 dunhill-ABC.50 grassroots, THE Their 16 Greatest Hits (VG/VG) Record Club of America pressing DSX50107 dunhill-ABC.50 gray, dobie Drift.
SP4915 A.50 bronco billy (VG/VG) hole punch in jacket; Merle http://concours castor informatique ch Haggard/Ronnie Milsap/Reinsmen/Penny De Haven/Clint Eastwood 5E512 elektra.00 bronco billy (VG/VG) Merle Haggard/Ronnie Milsap/Reinsmen/Penny De Haven/Clint Eastwood 5E512 elektra.00 brothers (2LP) (VG/VG) Snoop Dogg/Maze/Marcus Miller/Eric Benet/RL/Jaheim/Cassie/Lil' Johnny/Duganz/DL/AB/No Question/Dave Hollister/etc.
Inner sleeve 238981 veste concours equitation homme marron warner bros.(VG/VG) w/insert; price sticker on front cover FM37793 CBS.25 vollenweider, andreas Dancing With The Lion (VG/VG) w/orig.Wild Child (VG/VG) promo stamp on back cover SP6-5081 A.00 dalglish, malcolm/grey larsen Thunderhead (NM/VG) FF266 flying fish.00 damita JO Midnight Session - Live At Basin Street East (VG/VG) mono; white label promo LN24202 epic.75 damon, LIZ Liz Damon's Orient Express.Inner sleeve ST12369 capitol.00 weather report This Is This (VG/VG) FC40280 columbia.00 weavers.All of my LPs are shipped in plastic sleeves, tightly packed in sturdy record mailers with cardboard filler pads (I use quality shipping supplies from.Inner sleeves RS-2-3901 RSO.50 BEE gees Life In A Tin Can (VG/VG) notch in top SO870 RSO.50 BEE gees Sprits Having Flown (VG/VG) w/orig.Inner sleeve ST-12345 capitol.25 benatar, PAT Live From Earth (NM/VG) w/orig.Gérard Ayache dans La Grande confusion, parle d hyper information» code de reduction nike free run pour souligner l'impact anthropologique des nouvelles technologies.

Mackenzie Good Deeds And Dirty Rags (NM/VG) still in shrinkwrap; w/orig.
2.25 TIN huey Contents Dislodged During Shipment (VG/VG) w/orig.
Certaines entreprises comme Amazon Web Services (AWS) se montrent vertueuses dans certains Etats et non dans d'autres (comme en Virginie).
Inner sleeve 256321 warner bros.
Le site de l' UIT fournit un ensemble de définitions des concepts et des indicateurs caractérisant les Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication 73, 74,.Inner sleeve SP5213 A.00 uggams, leslie Leslie (VG/VG) CS9936 columbia.25 uggams, leslie Try To See It My Way (VG/VG) SL8000 sonday.00 ullman, tracy You Broke My Heart In 17 Places (VG/VG) partially removed sticker on back cover MCA5471 stiff/MCA.75 ullman.Inner sleeve SP5155 A.50 douglas, carol Burnin' (VG/VG) MCA3048 midsong international/MCA.00 dowland, john Songs Ayres (VG/VG) H71167 nonesuch.00 dramatics, THE The Dramatic Jackpot (VG/VG) cut corner abcd867 ABC.75 dream academy, THE Remembrance Days (?/VG) sealed; notch in top 25625-1 reprise.Inner sleeve; promo sticker on back cover; small sticker on front cover; hole punch in jacket SP4681 A.50 jenkins, gordon The Magic World Of Gordon Jenkins (?) sealed; mono; Columbia Special Archives reissue CL1882 columbia special products.00 jennings, waylon Never Could Toe.Inner sleeve 81266-1 atlantic.75 manhattans After Midnight (VG/VG) w/orig.Inner sleeve FR39261 portrait/ICE.75 grappelli, stephane The Talk Of The Town (VG/VG) UK pressing; price sticker residue on front cover; name written on back cover BLP30165 black lion.00 grassroots, THE The ABC Collection (VG/VG) w/orig.Inner sleeve; cut corner BSK3089 warner bros.

Exemple 2 : les réseaux des TIC.
1.25 larson, nicolette In The Nick Of Time (VG/VG) w/orig.