Before the acquisition of Retalix by NCR, he concours ifsi culture generale annales was Chief Security Officer of R D at the company.
I'll even demonstrate with a drive-by web-attack that is able to pivot through a Windows management station to reach the isolated control plane network, and infect one of these onie-based switches with malware, malware that's there even after a refresh.
In the late 80's he wrote one of the first network security scanners and maintained one of the first bug databases ( later used to seed similar lists at cert and llnl.
We need to have experience with different platforms, operating systems, software packages, tools, programming languages, and technology trends.Furthermore, the disclosure dilemma occurs when a country has both incentives and disincentives to disclose details on how it was hacked.Nowadays, he specializes in the comprehensive analysis of advanced threats, modern vectors of exploitation, and hardware security research. Most modern Android-based phones and tablets have a Slimport(r) connection that supports hdmi-CEC.Most interestingly, these techniques are not built on mistakes, but intentional design decisions, meaning that they will not be fixed as bugs.Ever wanted to know *what freaking value* some variable could take on in a function (say, can the target of a computed write point to the return address)?

One of the most challenging aspects around pentesting was the need to have administrative level rights, install your tools, and from there leverage the compromised machine as a pivot point for lateral movement in the network.
In our talk we will demonstrate and discuss the exploitation of an internal LTE modem from Huawei which can be found in a number of devices including laptops.
Twitter: @TMcSweenyFTC Ashkan Soltani serves as the FTC's fourth Chief Technologist.
Which goal was to develop trex, a toxic waste emission simulator using cuda. Opsahl is the lead attorney on the Coders' bal de promo film Rights Project.Well start the talk with a quick survey of the previous methods of weaponizing powershell, and then move into the capabilities of the Harness toolset which includes a fully interactive powershell CLI, and remote importing of modules across the wire without staging.If he had spare time, Ian would be pursuing a number of private software and robotics projects, including the Barbie Car that he promised his daughter (wiser friends have advised that I finish this project before she's old enough to ask for a real Corvette).Nir is employed at NCR Corporation as the ciso of NCR Retail.Return to Top Looping Surveillance Cameras through Live Editing of Network Streams Eric Van Albert independent security researcher Zach Banks independent security researcher This project consists of the hardware and software necessary to hijack wired network communications.Report, which evaluates service providers' protection of user data.By night he enjoys roaming the airwaves, be it the amateur radio bands or wireless networks.

Come to the session and take your first master class on complex physical hacking.
Ryan 'elfmaster' O'Neill is a computer security researcher at Leviathan Security and the maintainer of Bitlackeys.