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The Commissariat was still a department of HM Treasury and its personnel were uniformed civilians (though they were subject to military discipline).
LordCarmi 71 16, ogryn And Commie, sylvant 44 9, concern Meme - Warhammer 40K Commissar Edition.The term is most commonly used among Franciscan Orders.Mature content, back side of a certain recruitment poster.Lagent : Cest un vieux truc : une personne détourne votre attention pendant qu une autre personne vous fait les poches.1, in those countries, a commissariat is a department charged with the provision of supplies, both food and forage, for the troops.XLI Aguilas 44 3 Imperial commissar FredrikEriksson1 101 20 Front 767.In 1822 the Stores Branch (along with its warehouses and staff both at home and abroad) was transferred to the Board of Ordnance, which also took on responsibility for provision of food, forage and fuel to troops in England ten years later.The Commissariat officers act in effect as Sub Treasurers to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury in the foreign possessions of the Crown".Lagent : Vous laviez mis où?Away from Britain's shores, the army was provided for independently as before.In many countries, commissary is a police rank.Kew, Surrey: Public Record Office.

As with military usage, the Religious Superior of the division is referred to as the Commissary.
Transport (albeit nominally a responsibility of the Stores Branch) was something of a poor relation; this in part led to the Commander-in-chief establishing a separate Royal Waggon Train.
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In popular culture edit In the " Major General's Song " in The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan, the Major-General boasts that when, among many other bits and pieces of seemingly elementary or irrelevant information, he "know(s) precisely what is meant by commissariat.Quand je me suis redressé, la jeune fille était partie.Christophe : Et bien, je faisais la queue et une jeune fille est venue me parler.An account is constantly kept open by means of the Commissariat chests between Great Britain and all its Foreign dependencies so that if a sum has to be received or paid in Canada, Australia or China for any branch of the Public Service it may.For the Soviet terms, see, people's Commissariat and, commissar.Je me suis penché pour le ramasser et en le ramassant, jai bousculé quelquun.Christophe : Tout à fait Mais comment vous savez?Lagent : Elle navait pas de signe particulier qui pourrait nous aider à lidentifier?Elle ma dit que javais fait tomber un billet de cinq euros.The Commissariat remained a uniformed civilian service until 1869, when its officers transferred to the new Control Department as commissioned Army officers.