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Lnba Working Group, monitor and Support Demonstration Project.
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Irecs Integrated Distribution Planning Concept Paper 21st Century Electric Distribution System Operations.This is a quasi-legislative rulemaking.The commission may modify any plan as appropriate to minimize overall system costs code reduc tape à l'oeil 2018 and maximize ratepayer benefit from investments in distributed resources.WRP is administered by the Land of Sky Regional Council and works in special partnership with the NC Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service, helping the state meet pollution prevention objectives through technical assistance and outreach.Take advantage of WRP's wide range of consulting services to help your organization become more competitive, efficient, and sustainable.DER performance requirements and contractual terms needed to ensure DERs meet the identified grid deficiencies).WE USE cookies, we use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on this website.SCE webinar Presentation slide deck (presented July 24, 2015 rulemaking, iCA and lnba Working Groups, the Commission has directed the IOUs to convene two Working Groups: the ICA Working Group and the lnba Working Group.Learn, price Promotion, manager, learn module measures historical mass promotion activities and automatically generates robust recommendations to empower more intelligent promotion planning.Do you need sound advice on ways to reduce your utility costs while meeting sustainability goals?David; Zafar, Marzia, Microgrids: A Regulatory Perspective - cpuc Whitepaper.Commissioner Michael Picker is the Assigned Commissioner on this rulemaking.

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The ICA and lnba working groups, modeled on the Smart Inverter Working Group and the More Than Smart working group, are established to monitor and provide consultation to the IOUs on the execution of Demonstration Project A and B and further refinements to ICA methods.
However, if you would like, you can change your cookie settings at any time.Elliott, Robert, The Integration of Distribution Level Generation Storage into the Grid - Problems and Solutions - Grid Planning and Reliability - Policy Paper.Coordinate with ider system-level valuation activities of the ider cost-effectiveness working group.Continue to improve and refine the lnba methodology.Lorenzo Kristov, California Independent System Operator.The working groups serve the following purposes: ICA Working Group.Optimize, price Promotion, manager, optimize Module identifies the optimal price, mechanic and promotional scope to maximize various P L objectives.Continue to improve and refine the ICA methodology.

Comments that have been filed during various phases of the rulemaking will also be accessible from this page.
Coordinate with the ider solicitation framework working group where objectives may overlap (e.g., the definition and description of grid deficiencies.