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Great Sword also Two-handed Sword.
In sabre, the opponent's blade need only be deflected away from valid target, since off-target touches do not stop the phrase.Ceding Parry A method of parrying an offensive action executed by prise-de-fer or in opposition.Pass Forward also Passe Avant, or cross forward.Rear arm extends during forward motion as a counterbalance.The finger rings and crossbar are descendants of the swords that used quillions.The fencer's right-hand-side, referred to as flank, is the outside.Orthopedic (pistol-grip) weapons use only a pommel nut, usually fitting inside a cylindrical hole in the grip.In later, more complex hilts, rings and other protective structures were extended in front of the quillions.Operation clodelys, operation portails ET clotures clodelys, dU 2 MAI AU, UNE remise.From an engagement, press smoothly on the opponent's foible, taking his/her blade out of line, and perhaps provoking a response.Octave Parry #8; blade down and to the outside, wrist supinated.Typified by a basket hilt.

Usually stronger and more durable than conventional carbon-steel blades, but more importantly, it tends to break less frequently than carbon-steel blades.
Lamé The electrically conductive jacket worn by Foil and Sabre fencers.
Angled (up-and-down) parries can also be used.
This can be likened to a spear poking up from the ground: If you throw yourself upon it, you have only yourself to blame.However, with the advent of electric sabre, whip-overs are being allowed more often.This provides the greatest control over groupon promo code june 2018 the opponent's blade.For a compound action deceiving lateral or semi-circular parries, see #One-Two Dry (USA) / Steam (UK) Fencing without electric scoring aids.However, it is still a Counter-attack, and does not have Right-of-Way against a continuous attack.The parry must be made in a semicircle to provide the enveloping movement needed to trap the attacking blade.Supination The position of the hand when the palm is facing.In Historical Fencing, this is the circular motion of the fighter's blade around the opponent's blade.Sabreurs also wear a conductive glove cover, called a manchette on their weapon hand.DU 15 AU 30/08.Great Swords could be as tall as the swordsman, and were often used as front-line offensive weapons in late 17th Century warfare.

French Grip A traditional hilt with a slightly curved grip and a large pommel.
Compound-Riposte A riposte made with one or more feints.