Flexible payments available, ibiza Rocks events included, find out more.
This is the package for cadeau cycliste those of you who have already been to Zarautz, dont want to visit, or dont have time.
Either meet us at Bilbao BBK Live, or ride with us on the Stoke buses from Pamplona and get set up with our camping gear at Bilbao BBK Live for the three huge days of the festival.
First up youll be joining us in Pamplona on the 9th of July, for the world famous Sanfermines fiesta, with its running of the bulls and wild street party.In lieu of Floyd's recent activity, this should not come across as either plagiarism or hindrance, just a quartet of Swiss musicians who really dig the Flying Pig and enjoy wearing their idols influence on their sleeves.Ruta por todas las Ciudades Imperiales, noche en la dunas del desierto del Sáhara, dromedarios!If youre looking for Ibiza accommodation thats a bit kinder to your bank balance then these are perfect.Play this to an unsuspecting friend and he would have bet his shirt and tie that this was part of the Endless River sessions.Maybe my favorite piece here.Bilbao BBK Live 2019, stay with Stoke in Bilbao for the worlds best medium sized music festival (official!).If you stay here, reduction avec carte jeune sncf dont panic you will still have full access to the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, pools, bars, services, Host Team and restaurants from 9am 12am as well as tickets to the Ibiza Rocks events and shows.Drummer/vocalist Reto Iseli thumps loopingly along as his confrere Heiko Garm carves some thick bass lines.

Check out the first confirmed acts for 2019 below.
Once youve had your fill of Pamplonas parties well throw you on the Stoke buses on the 11th of July and whisk you through the Basque mountains to Bilbao ready for the festival to begin.
From here your mission will be to surf, soak up some sun, eat all the delicious food you can find and generally chill out for three days, until of course the time comes to party again (probably the first night that youre there).Pinging synthesizers and scuffling guitars certainly shift this into unPink territory, "Freak Show" offers choppy beats, gurgling rhythms and all kinds of variations that turn this into another guitar solo spot, where the tradition comes through the clouds.You can meet Stoke at Bilbao BBK Live, or combine it with our beach camp, or Running of the Bulls, and take advantage of our transfers from Zarautz and Pamplona.When were done its time to load the buses again and well rip from Bilbao up the coast to our Zarautz beach camp, a little slice of paradise on the hill, overlooking the best surf beach in the area.I was thinking classic Manfred Mann's Earth Band there for a while until that darned e-piano really got my attention, a delicious innovation that shows off incredible versatility.With this tour youll take in the two biggest parties that the region has to offer.The longest and perhaps the finest piece here is the finale "Sequences clocking in over 8 minutes, and it has that menacing rumble of "One of These Days easily one of PF's classic tracks, certainly in terms of build-up, spiraling into a radical guitar exercise.Moody, atmospheric and ethereal, the spirits bloom in a slow motion that seduces inexorably, in definitely comfortable expanses that we all know and love.This is by far the best way to take in all the best parts of the Basque Country, the most interesting, exciting and picturesque part of northern Spain.Marruecos (Chefchaouen, Fes, Merzouga, Desierto, Gargantas del Todra, Ouarzazate, Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat).This is almost like a potential single for FM airplay, a superb song that has all the goods needed to stick in one's mind, especially the incredible lady vocals and the searing solo that only confirms the bliss.This is an album that will engender a complete cross-section of opinions, eschewing any kind of conformity, some will love it, others hating it, while some just agreeing to its natural delivery.