pfsense voucher manager

Just copy the code above into a file named p and place in your Apache /www/html folder.
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Here is the code:!doctype html html head meta charset"UTF-8" title Vouchers DSA /title /head body?php function gera_form?
Update vouchers set validade promo couches pampers carrefour market 1; For IP addresses which will be allowed to access the page: create table carte cadeau itunes app store usuarios ( id_usuario int(11) NOT null auto_increment, ip_maquina varchar(15) default null, departamento varchar(45) default null, primary KEY (id_usuario) ) engineinnoDB auto_increment6 default charsetutf8; You must do manual.
Dhcp IP Address Assignment Resolving Conflicts 10 dhcp IP Address Assignment Resolving Conflicts.To load the.csv file from PfSense into the local database: load data local infile home/infra/Downloads/v iNTO table vouchers, lines terminated BY 'n' (cod_voucher Hope http://joli cadeau com it may help you)." br Contate a equipe de TI para mais echo " address Gestão de vouchers - Divisão Sul Americana da iasd /address else if(row'ip'!VirtualBox Ubuntu Installation Part 1 16 VirtualBox Ubuntu Installation Part.#English, in this video I will show you how you can put your professional template in Pfsense.It works with a mysql database, which has only two tables, one for vouchers and another for IP addresses which I want to grant access to this page.

VirtualBox Ubuntu Installation Part 2 17 VirtualBox Ubuntu Installation Part 1 pfSense Console Options Quick Overview 18 pfSense Console Options Quick Overview pfSense Web Wizzard 19 pfSense Web Wizzard pfSense Web Dashboard 20 pfSense Web Dashboard pfSense System Advanced Options Quick Overview 21 pfSense System.
Installing pfSense Part 3 Completion 9 Installing pfSense Part 3 Completion.
Theory Session Part 2 Firewall and pfSense Concepts 3 Theory Session Part 2 Firewall and pfSense Concepts.
Introduction Top 10 Highlights of the Course 1 Introduction Top 10 Highlights of the Course.Ticket, voucher #pfsense Portal cautivo Voucher Personalizar - Captive Portal Voucher Customize.M captive portal, pfsense portal captivo portal cautivo, linux.Insert into usuarios(ip_maquina, departamento) values 'Cyber Cafe.: The field names are in portuguese.body /html As it is my first php page, it might be a disaster in an experienced php programmer's eyes, however it is quite functional and does right what you seem to need.VirtualBox pfSense Downloading Prerequisites 13 VirtualBox pfSense Downloading Prerequisites, virtualBox pfSense Pre-installation Configuration 14 VirtualBox pfSense Pre-installation Configuration, virtualBox pfSense Installation 15 VirtualBox pfSense Installation.The tables in mysql can be created using these codes: For vouchers: create table vouchers ( id_voucher int(11) NOT null auto_increment, cod_voucher varchar(10) default null, validade bit(1) default null, solicitado_em varchar(20) default null, solicitado_por varchar(15) default null, minutos int(11) default null, primary KEY (id_voucher) ).Installing pfSense Part 1- Change Boot Device Order 7 Installing pfSense Part 1- Change Boot Device Order.Installing Additional Network Card in PC 5 Installing Additional Network Card.Installing pfSense Part 2 Installing pfSense 8 Installing pfSense Part 2 Installing pfSense.

Downloading pfSense and Creating Bootable USB Drive 4 Downloading pfSense and Creating Bootable USB Drive.
Testing Connectivity and Troubleshooting 11 Testing Connectivity and Troubleshooting, virtual Box pfSense Defining Network Plan 12 Virtual Box pfSense Defining Network Plan.
Once the user chooses a voucher type (minutes) and hit "Generate" then it picks any valid voucher in the local database and marks it as used.