Fiedler International July We Hear from the Northwest Alexander Maxwell October Editor's Bulletin Board Editor's Letter Bulletin information from TOC October Iris Ratings 19 83 8 Comments on Varieties Varietal Comments October Iris Seedlings in New Hampshire.
Aultz Affiliates January "The Ramblings of the "Mafia" Boys from Memphis" Robert.
Wm McGarvey, Bea Yendall,.Hager Garden Review International varietal review July A Yard Full of Irises Clara Foote Adams Garden Review Varietal Comments July B Okay: Say Cheese!Fischer Awards American Horticultural Congress January Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Financial Report January C Report of the Treasurer '67 "Ackerman, Jay C" Finance January Errata AIS Business January Buttercup Bower Schreiner's Gardens Photograph Carl Stalker arrangement April Fver and Ever Cooley's Garden.Norris Book Review April C "Selah Christine, Sister Shirley, Momma Rosemary" Winterberry Gardens Photograph April C "Showy Lowy, Paula Kathleen, Ice Adams" Winterberry Gardens Photograph April C "Kind Candace, Norman, Tall John, Quick" Winterberry Gardens Photograph April C "Mary Anna, Eye Lines, alberta Peach, Chubby.Morrison Bulletin Information from TOC April Echoes from the California Trek Lena.Waddick Sections July Culturally Speaking-the secrets of reblooming irises "Mike Lockatell, Ginny and Don Spoon" Rebloomers July C "Immortality, Feed Back" Kelly.Of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum January B Nathan Rudolph Photograph Fred and Barbara Walther Cup winner January B Royce.Histrioides Species Iris February.Halloway January Wichita Show Catherne Lombar Shows January B "Mrs.

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Castle Fletcher Photograph April B Reception in Florence Iris Garden.
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Reuben Sawyer Obituary January In memoriam: Marc Simonet Obituary January "In memoriam: Mrs.Don Spoon Photograph April C Red Hot Mamma - seedling SDB 2003-24RRD.Fischer President's Letter January Clara Rees and Snow Flurry Hybridizer January Clara Rees Peggy Burke Grey Biography 1967 Hybridizer's Medal January Clara.July Webster and the Plural of 'Iris' Bee Warburton Commentary July B Kay Nelson Photograph July Iris Profiles - Kay Nelson Biography "Registrations chair, daughter.Varnum" January AIS Judges for 1966 Judges Training January B Jim.Norris Photograph July/Aug C Guest iris plantings at the Huntington Photograph July/Aug C Mandarin Delight Chuck Bunnell Photograph July/Aug C Tobacco Chew Kelly.Gaulter, Carl Schirmer, John Ohl,.(Eva) Smith Photograph Profile January Profile History January B "C.Howard Judson October Science Series 11 Stem Elongation Studies.

Joe Macholan Affiliate new iris club formed April "New Addition to "Who's Who" News Orville.