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Selfie samples: Normal mode, selfie samples: Wide-angle mode, video.
While the annales des concours de la fonction publique territoriale optical stabilization is always there for you on the main cam, digital stabilization is only available in 1080p/30fps and not in 4K or 1080p/60fps.Finally, a trip to our Video compare tool will tell you how the V30 compares to other phones we've previously tested.Another neat addition is Point zoom.The Galaxy S8 and the HTC U11, but feel free to explore.Color rendition is marginally different from the G6 with more natural blue in the skies, deeper reds and less orange yellows - all of these very minor.You'd think it's directly reused from the G6, but the coverage in wide-angle mode is actually narrower - 90 degrees on the V30.F/1.7 isn't a world of difference - it's a sixth of a stop of light after all, but more more light is (usually) always better.Finally, a Point zoom video will complete the picture.Oh well not my problem anymore!This cam isn't stabilized and is fixed-focused, but neither should be a problem at this focal length.LG customary mix of laser and phase detection take care of autofocus.

Additionally, the lens is stabilized.
Behind the optics there's a 16MP sensor with tiny.0micron pixels.
The V30's primary cam has the widest aperture lens on a smartphone - you can't possibly have missed that in LG promo material.
You can fine tune the opacity of the overlay too.There's not much detail, but it's not like the 5MP on the tin indicate otherwise.Perhaps with this parental support, Jack grows cadeau fille 10 ans mode up to become a member of nasa's planetary protection team, and saves the world from interplanetary disaster.Image quality from the front-facing cam isn't particularly exciting.Using a Daydream View headset, Jack's Dad viewed an alien landing thanks to the use.Glad to be back on XDA and will monitor the forums for cases and screen protectors.I am wondering how/if that could be used on the V30.We'll get you started with the V30.Low-light camera samples, and some from the wide-angle camera.Another 4 more light reaches the sensor, LG advertises, thanks to a glass lens element - as résultat concours ministère de la santé tunisie 2018 in, one of the 6 lens elements is made of glass as opposed to plastic.The videos from the ultra wide-angle camera are similar in quality to the G6's.1080p/30 fps videos, on the other hand, are a notch superior to the G6's.