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The goal is not only to find out which agent represents authors 1-3 and get submission info for agents 4-5, but to use PM to create a network of connections around these people and generate a much longer list.
The website hosts a membership roster and the AAR Canon of Ethics.
George Redding, agent (found by searching #mswl, says hes looking for novels set in Asia).
Resources Mentioned in This Article The Association of Authors Representatives. .
Certainly its hard to attract the attention of an established resultat concours categorie c finances publiques agent.You may also make yourself a target for unscrupulous web-trollers who want to sell you something you dont need.Target your queries as precisely as possible.If an agent has been in business for a couple of years and has no real track record (or wont share sales informationa major red flag) its a strong indication that he doesnt have the skills or the contacts needed to get editors attention.Many writers believe that the words literary agent on a letterhead is a guarantee of editors attention, and that having an agentany agentwill automatically open doors.A full subscription costs, but the lite version is still free.More time for reading.In the UK, where agents commonly ask for a synopsis and writing samples as part of a submission package, query letters are not a big deal.Remember, however, that a query letter is also a business document.MAY NOT BE reproduced without permission.When agents sell their clients books, they will often post a deal announcement.If a questionable agent does slip through your screening process, the tips and information here will help you to identify him/her.

PM is primarily valuable for its deal announcements and the ability to see which agents work with which editors.
Login to read full story, with dealmakers converging on the London Book Fair next week, its time for us to bring our traditional dose of statistically-based reality to the frenzy of pre-Fair deals coverage.
Publishers Weekly, which regularly reports on whos selling what to whom.
Paul Bogaards at Knopf said there was still no timetable for publication and that while the.The Bookseller offers comprehensive news about the UK publishing market.The Australian Literary Agents Association.Browse the names and do your research, as described below.AAR website, the, aAA website, and the, aLAA website.It will be obvious if you haventand even if you have just read lots of reviews.The website includes a membership roster, a Code of Practice, and an extensive list of writers resources Publishers Weekly covers US and international publishing.To protect yourself, follow the steps below.Many new writers limit their queries to small or new or never-heard-of-em agencies because they believe, or have been told, that established agents dont work with first-time writers.And ifas many amateur or fraudulent agents dothe agent uses obviously unprofessional methods (submitting substandard or inappropriate material, blitz dimensionality reduction and clustering submitting to a dozen or more editors at once, using form letters, using the clients own query letter, including a marketing plan with a novel submission.Researching an Agents Track Record.Vikas Paul (an Indian agent; you read an interview of him online and got a good feeling about his personality).If you write in a particular genre, there may be a resource that specializes in your area.How to Write a Query, from.

In other words, to get the most out of PM, you need to start with a list of namesauthor names, agent names, and/or editor names.
But not only is this a myth, its pretty much a guarantee of getting stuck with a dishonest or incompetent agent.
The good news is that.