1) Diritto Italia (Law Italy) - Created by the concours interprète commission européenne Istituto di Teoria e Tecniche dellInformazione Giuridica (ittig) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR Diritto Italia is a database which identifies references to materials and information of legal and administrative interest existing on concours dde pas de calais Italian Web.
18 Film edit Pordenone has been the primary host to the Giornate del cinema muto, a festival of silent film, since 1981, excepting an eight-year lapse after the host theater, Cinema-Teatro Verdi, was torn down.
It is usually said that the Italian Constitution is a compromise between the thrust for the simplified popular idea of justice deriving from 19 th century socialist ideas and the innate natural law aspiration of religious Catholic origin.
Provinces UPI - Unione delle Province dItalia upitel - Rete Telematica delle Province dItalia.2.3.(Royal Decree) of,.Each decision is classified under the same system used in the Headings of the Repertorio della Giurisprudenza Italiana Il Diritto di famiglia ipertestuale (Hypertext Family Law accompanying the volume, this is the complete work of legal authority on CD-ROM, created on the basis. La Cassazione Penale (The Criminal Division of the Supreme Court it contains the full text (heading, particulars, fact and law, grounds, etc.) of a very wide selection of criminal decisions of the Supreme Court dating from 1995.

Apart from containing a series of important articles and contributions, it presents the annotated Italian Civil Code, the Italian Constitution, and lists of Italian and international sites.
Monateri (2003 approximately 2,100 entries relating to civil, commercial, criminal and public law are collected together on a single CD-ROM, with the possibility of directly searching most of the citations found in the comments.
In the right section of the HomePage i t is possible to enter the Newsletter, to consult online Law offices, to contribute to the Site, to link to the section ArteDiritto, devoted to the different forms of art that are interested in Law.
LEX collects together the full text of the legislation of the Italian Republic from 1861 up until now.Town Art Museum edit The museum is housed in the Palazzo Ricchieri, an important place to understand the art of Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.Politiche Comunitarie Gazzetta Ufficiale gratuita ipzs (ultimi 60 giorni) Gazzetta Ufficiale Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato Gazzette, leggi e normative Rete civica Aesinet Leggi dalla xiii Legislatura (dal ) Parlamento Leggi Infoleges Leggi italiane LeggiWeb (4 codici, codice della strada, Costituzione) Leggi Regionali Camera.It consists of a Prime Minister and Ministers, who together make up the Cabinet.Corte dei Conti Court of Accounts : body set up under the Italian Constitution (articles.Private Iniziative Sites.9.There are now also groups of these under the same organization which has created collective catalogues or Metaopacs.It is a very well organized site, clear in its graphics and approach and of great social interest.Consiglio dellUnione Europea Council of the European Union : European Community organ which has important functions with regard to the creation of legal acts and treaties.Figure 10 : Home Page of the Portal Italian Legal Authority The Portale della dottrina giuridica (Legal Authority Portal) should be able to provide: a) identification of the material with research tools based on the semantics of the documents (bibliographical and conceptual elements) and.Parliamentary Acts Disegni di legge, ordini del giorno, resoconti assemblea, attività senatori, giunte e commissioni Senato Atti di controllo e di indirizzo politico (interrogazioni, interpellanze, mozioni, risoluzioni, ordini del giorno) Camera dei Deputati.9.4.Figure 1 : Home Page of the Portal.2.The second section is subdivided into three columns: the first is dedicated to sites of legal and philosophical interest, with links to Italian and foreign online journals, universities and search engines.