Image caption Many students were pleased with their grades, despite the overall downward trend.
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This year's combined figures show a sharp decline in the proportion of grades A* to C and smaller falls in top A* and A grades."And for those 17-year-olds who have struggled to achieve good grades in maths, we are seeing 4,000 more successful re-takes of those exams; delivering better prospects for every one of those young people.".In Northern Ireland concours grande ecole france the proportion of these good passes increased slightly.1 and top A* grades rose.3.League tables now only count the first time a pupil sits an exam, discouraging entries by younger pupils.

Image copyright PA Image caption It's a big day for parents as well as teenagers.
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Gender gap, the gender gap has widened further - with.3 of entries by girls getting a C grade or above compared with.4 of boys.
This will be the last year before the start of a major change in how gcses are graded in England and how school performance is measured.The National Union of Teachers said the decline in modern languages was exacerbated by the "difficulty many schools have in recruiting qualified language teachers".If Apple Books doesn't open, click the Books app in your ogress Indicator.There has been a continuing reduction in the number of pupils taking gcses a year early, down by about a quarter compared with last year.England's School Standards Minister Nick Gibb said he was "pleased to see that there are more gcses being taken in the core academic subjects, those that give students a wider range of opportunities.A revised set of gcse exams are going to be graded by numbers - from 9 down to 1 - rather than the current letter-based system in a process that will be phased in from next year.Schools Minister Nick Gibb said 17-year-olds who had successfully retaken these gcses now had "better prospects".Media captionSchools Minister Nick Gibb: "gcses are a gateway to the next stage of education".Kirsty Williams, Education Secretary in Wales, said: "This year's gcses show another strong performance with two thirds of our learners achieving at least A*-C and an increase in the top grades.".Top A* grades have slipped from.6.5.This year's results were down for maths, English, history and geography."2016 is worse than ever in this regard as the results are so unpredictable following wave after wave of over hasty changes.This year's gcse results have shown the biggest ever year-on-year decline - down to the lowest level since 2008.Opening the iTunes Store.Russell Hobby, leader of the National Association of Head Teachers, said: "gcse results day is a nervous time for all, as much depends on these grades.

Even without these older pupils resitting exams, there has been a fall in the results of 16 year olds, with the proportion getting A* to C declining.3 points.
Image copyright PA Image caption The results of more than five million gcse entries have been revealed.
Impact of retakes, the results of more than five million gcse entries in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been published.