Luncheon Vouchers prints the vouchers, collects and checks them from the restaurants, arranges with new restaurants and cafés, prints a directory of all the eating places in London where the vouchers can be cashed, and pays all the restaurant and café bills.
It allows companies to code promo poussette quinny subsidise midday meals ( luncheons ) for their employees without having to run their own canteens.
Two women reading the daily papers at a Lyons Teashop, Piccadilly, London, 1953.
Essentially the voucher system is for the lower paid members of the staff.
The British government granted an extra-statutory tax concession, believing that this would help citizens afford healthy meals.Starting in 1976, Ticket Restaurant expanded outside France, and became part of Accor in 1983.It's not a competitors' voucher (unless specifically advertised in store).There are about three henri rabaud solo de concours thousand restaurants and cafés in London which now handle vouchers.1, the UK government announced in March 2011 its intention to abolish this relief with effect from April 2013, although this was subject to independent advice from the.5 Accor and Edenred edit By 1983, Accor owned both the British Luncheon Vouchers and the French Ticket Restaurant.The vouchers can be worth any sum up to 3s, and they are handed over at the restaurant cash desk in part or full payment for the food which has just been served.A meal voucher or luncheon voucher is a voucher for a meal given to employees as an employee benefit, allowing them to eat at outside restaurants, typically for lunch.

The Inland Revenue authorities have approved the general principle that a firm can charge at least a proportion of the cost of its employees midday meals to its own expenses.
2, the abolition of the concession, effective from, was confirmed in December 2011, with the government maintaining its view that the relief was redundant given that it is worth only 15p per day.
Naturally, each will take vouchers only from those organisations with which an arrangement has been made, but these organisations range from large firms with hundreds of employees to those with a single office worker.There is a charge of 5 per cent on the face value of the vouchers invoiced, but a 2 per cent discount on accounts is given if the invoices are paid within a fortnight.Each employee may not be given more than 3s worth of a meal for every working day.In 1956, nine large catering companies purchased the company, with Hack staying on as managing director.Over 6,000 firms in the Greater London area now give most of their employees luncheon vouchers to help them with the cost of their midday meal.A b " 50 ans d'innovation Archived at the Wayback Machine Ticket Restaurant web site.Accor spun off the voucher business in 1998 as Accor Services, which became Edenred in 2010.In addition, it would have to administer the scheme (for instance by checking and counting the vouchers returned from the restaurants prior to settling their account).The company was bought.